Meet the team

A message from Gaz ‘Don Curleyone’.

I’ve been cutting hair since 2000. Firstly working for my dad at Bliss hairdressing. Then I moved to Toni & Guy stockport for 2 years before going back to my dads for over a decade. Then I moved over and joined forces with Ste Battersby on the Cutthroat Jack’s journey.

I’m small and fat but I’m still standing tall.

I was the 14th hardest in year 9.

Get booked in with me because I’m well into barbering and everything that comes with it. So it’s an honour to be making you look ridiculously sick.


A message from Lauren ‘Fadey Lady’.

Started my career as a hairdresser, I did this for 4 years working at Bliss. I have achieved level 3 NVQ in hairdressing. I was keen to further my career in men’s hair and joined Cutthroat Jacks early 2017.

I am the queen of banter and the lads struggle to keep up. I love that we get customers coming in just for a chat as they are passing buy.

Check out my instagram and see why people book in with me, my fades are fresh and my texturing skills are on point. Once you have sat in my chair there is no other.

See you soon.

A message from Danny ‘Pablo Escobarber’.

I started working at Cutthroat Jacks late 2016 as the ‘Prospect’ i had no experience but was focused on becoming a barber. I have attended college and been trained by all the staff here, now finally i have passed my apprenticeship.

I love working with the guys we are more of a family than colleagues, i enjoy seeing people leave with a smile and commenting on their experience.

I came 47th in the world conker championship and a big fan of Spice Girls! In my spare time i love to face paint myself! “Meow”…

You should book your appointment with me because i am keen to show off my skills and i am currenly offering a reduced rate 🙂 Feel free to take a look at my instagam account for some of my work.

A message from Sarah ‘The Theory Godmother’.

I am a barbering trainer and assessor and have been for the past 5 years of my 17year hairdressing career.

I currently also work as a mobile hairdresser, and I am a published children’s book author!

I specialise on the theory side of training and even have been called “the theory godmother” in the past.
I am there to make sure that goals are met and that qualifications are achieved

A message from Luke ‘Slim Fadey’.

I started cutting hair when I was 17 but ended up finishing my qualification a few years down the line at cutthroat jacks. Being out of the game for a while shown me I was meant to cut hair and shown me how much I love the industry
Im a skater, massively into music and I used to be a boxer, I had 3 fights, I did pretty good to be fair I came second every time
I think you should book in with me because I’ve always got something funny to say, I put 100% into every haircut I do and I love my job so I’ve always got time for anyone in my chair

A message from Jaz ‘Ace of Fades’.

I previously worked in TV/Film, then decided to further my barbering skills by training at Cutthroat Jacks – where Gaz & Ste clearly liked me enough to hire me!

My biggest aim is for my clients to feel comfortable, know they’re in safe hands, and to walk out of my chair feeling like a million dollars.

Being a girl means i know what’ll get the girls – so book in with me for a sweet, sweet trim.

Oh and i’m probably taller than you.

Go check out my barber Instagram to see what the hype is all about!

A message from Frazer ‘Frazer Blades’.

I was apart of the first ever training class of cutthroats elite barbering school back in 2019 and ever since then I have grown a lot in confidence and skills but not height.

My specific area which has grown the most is my… scissor work. Why what else would you be thinking of? Anyway I believe I was quite a natural when it came to the clipper side of things but needed some mentorship from Gaz ‘doncurleyone’ and now I am like Edward if he had a scissor hand

A message from Ben ‘Darth Fader’.

I started my career at Cutthroat Jacks as the junior prospect just after the first lockdown of 2020. I came after school before lockdown everyday where Gaz taught me how to cut hair. I attend a hairdressing academy called evolve for my apprenticeship. I’m a lean mean cutting machine and the new kid on the block, forget about the old guys and come to the new kid in town. I’ve been told I’m the best young barber by my uncles sisters boyfriends dad. Check out my Instagram and see how good I am for the price I charge

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