Meet the team

A message from Gaz ‘Don Curleyone’.

I’ve been cutting hair since 2000. Firstly working for my dad at Bliss hairdressing. Then I moved to Toni & Guy stockport for 2 years before going back to my dads for over a decade. Then I moved over and joined forces with Ste Battersby on the Cutthroat Jack’s journey.

I’m small and fat but I’m still standing tall.

I was the 14th hardest in year 9.

Get booked in with me because I’m well into barbering and everything that comes with it. So it’s an honour to be making you look ridiculously sick.


A message from Frazer ‘Frazer Blades’.

I was apart of the first ever training class of cutthroats elite barbering school back in 2019 and ever since then I have grown a lot in confidence and skills but not height.

My specific area which has grown the most is my… scissor work. Why what else would you be thinking of? Anyway I believe I was quite a natural when it came to the clipper side of things but needed some mentorship from Gaz ‘doncurleyone’ and now I am like Edward if he had a scissor hand

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